March 6, 2019      By Bret Engle     
 General      diy
Being a homeowner can be confusing these days, at least when it comes to DIY projects. With so many shows, guides, and experts seemingly ready to walk you through the most difficult of undertakings, is there any limit to what the average homeowner can do? Read more...

 March 1, 2019     
 General      maintenance
Whether your bathroom is old or new, big or small, mildew can set in and make it a less pleasant place to be. Here’s what you can do to mildew-proof your bathroom so the stuff doesn’t have a chance to take over. Read more...

 February 22, 2019      By Stepha Vesper     
 General      diy
Bleach is a classic solution for taking care of myriad cleaning projects around the house. It’s so ubiquitous, in fact, that we’re betting there are some uses that you don’t even know about yet. Check out these nine ways to use bleach for your toughest household tasks. Read more...


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